The Imperfect Document


imperfect_backspinefrontThe Imperfect Document, released 16 March 2015, is my third collection of poems.

I originally planned to call this book Writing in the Dark, since I often write in the evenings—but then I wrote a poem called ‘The Imperfect Document’ that I felt perfectly described the way I write:

Recorded in haste
capturing something


the moment of creation


Imperfect-55While I don’t necessarily write ‘in haste’, I also do not spend a lot of time laboring over my poems. I may make an edit or two when typing them into a word-processing document (I write with pen and paper), then again when compiling a book; otherwise, I try to change as little as possible. Each poem captures a moment; unless there is something that makes it flow a little better, I like to leave it alone.

Perhaps the biggest difference between this collection and my previous collections is that I did not feel the need to include photographs or illustrations. No, this time I am letting the words stand on their own.

The paperback and Amazon Kindle e-book editions were released on March 16th, through Amazon. The Smashwords e-book edition (ePub and Kindle formats) was released March 18th.

(23 March 2015)

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