Quiet on the Outside…



This is not the physical world
this is a poem

You have entered a world
in which everything that exists
does so at the whim of the poet

This means that points of view
may suddenly shift
narrative threads may fray and dangle
language may be used for sound
rather than meaning

Attempts to make things make sense
are misguided

The metaphors are mine to mix if I so choose
names may refer to color, not to place
motion may not be linear
if that’s where my mind goes

The results may or may not be worth it
that’s up to you, dear reader, to choose

Quiet on the Outside Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Quiet on the Inside, released July 2015, is my fourth collection of poems.

This collection is divided into six sections:

Small moments and other experiences

Dreams, Fantasies, and Fictions
Dreams and imagined situations

The Solar System Cycle
Nine acrostic poems named after the planets

Observations about life and the world we live in

Lighter thoughts and silliness

Short Forms
Poems no longer than six lines

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(updated 5 July 2015)