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Journalism is my second collection of poems. Because I chose to work with such a specific concept for Separation Anxiety, I had to leave out several poems (especially among the NaPoWriMo entries) I really liked because they simply did not fit.

Although some of the same themes may appear in this collection, there’s also more variety—in the form of weird dreams, peaceful vignettes, commentary, the occasional bit of humor, experimentation with poetic forms, etc.

This time, I opted to include sketches from my journals instead of photographs as the visual element. This seemed only fitting, as most of the poems came from my journals in the first place—even the newer poems I will write in my journal before I type them up and decide whether or not to post them on my blog.

Obviously, I’m not going to win any awards for my drawing skills; the sketches are mostly crude and unpolished. Still, the ones that I have chosen to include have their own peculiar charm. I mean, where else are you going to see the likes of the ‘Zapmaster X’ in action?

The Smashwords and Amazon Kindle e-book editions were released on September 30th. The print edition is available from Amazon (see the sidebar for links).

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