About the book

Softcover 5.5 x 8.5 in., 126 pages
Alarm Cat Press #ART 58
ISBN: 9780998878102
1 January 2017

Smashwords e-book edition (ePub & Kindle)
ISBN: 9781370715381
6 February 2017

Amazon Kindle e-book edition (Kindle)
6 February 2017

…but for the thoughts running through my mind is my eighth collection of poems.

What’s in the book

The contents are divided into six sections:

Alphabet Poems I & II feature poems written in a form of my own devising. The number of lines in each poem is based on the position of the first letter of the title in the alphabet—so the A poems consist of one line, the B poems consist of two lines, and so on.

Sample poem: Gently across the water

Scenarios and Observations contains poems about imagined vignettes and small moments I have witnessed.

Sample poem: ‘Be safe out there.’

Shadorma is a six-line form consisting of specified syllable counts: 3-5-3-3-7-5. A shadorma may have multiple stanzas, but each stanza must adhere to the form.

Sample poem: A bad place to be stuck at night

Grief contains a few poems prompted by the unexpected death of Lucy, the alarm cat.

Sample poem: Never coming back

In My Bubble focuses on more obviously introspective poems.

Sample poem: Half-asleep poem

(Updated 7 August 2017)