‘Dear Monday…’

ART36-front‘Dear Monday…’ is my first book that has nothing to do with poetry. Instead it collects the first 365 entries in my ongoing series of letters to the days of the week.

The book is kind of a cross between a journal and a conceptual art project. It is a journal in that it is a chronicle of each day’s events. The ‘conceptual art’ part (I’m really not trying to be pretentious) is that the entries are usually no more than a couple of sentences long, most offering very little detail; the reader is thus free to interpret each entry and fill in the blanks however he or she chooses.

It is most definitely an unconventional book. It started out as a Facebook post on a frustrating Monday; after following it up the next day with a note to Tuesday, I just kept going. The notes range from observations about the day to existential queries, with various stops in between. As I alluded above, they are purposely vague, as you might expect from love notes.

‘Dear Monday…’ is available in paperback and e-book formats. Details in the sidebar.

(updated 20 May 2015)

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