Coffee Stains


They are a familiar sight

I leave them wherever I go

They’ve become both trail and timecard

The grounds left in the container

are now the disappearing grains

in a metaphorical hourglass

whose time is nearly up

Coffee Stains is my sixth collection of poems.

This collection started out as a chapbook that I put together for a competition. Competitions being unpredictable, I put some of the poems in Refusal to Remain Invisible, in case my work was not chosen. (It was not chosen.)

I liked the title, though, so I opted to keep it for this collection. I think it fits the contemplative nature of much of my work, particularly since coffee time is often a chance to slow down and contemplate, make notes in a journal, or perhaps sit and read for a bit.

coffee-stains_prelude coffee_stains_silence

The collection is divided into six sections, plus a prelude and postscript:

Things I notice, from annoying plot twists to the changing of the seasons to the nature of humankind.

Autobiography Is Hard
Observations about myself, and things I experience.

Romantical Feelings and Such
Poems about love and romance, in truth and fantasy.

Reading and Writing
Looking for the perfect words.

Observations about things happening in the world.

Short Forms
Poems no longer than six or seven lines—a little bit of everything.

As usual, many of the poems originally appeared on my blog; others here for the first time.

Coffee Stains went on sale 1 January 2016, in the usual formats. You can preview some of the poems on Wattpad.

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(updated 5 July 2016)