Welcome to the web site of Kevin J. O’Conner! Here you can find information about my creative work past and present, as well as the editing and design services I currently offer.

And we’re back!

The recent widget wackiness turned out to be the result of my Jetpack plugin being mysteriously deactivated. It is now back up and running; though I lost a couple of widgets along the way, everything is back to functioning the way it is supposed to.

(28 March 2017)

Watch An Evening With: Poets Against Hate online

The edited video of the Poets Against Hate event in which I participated in February is now online for viewing on the Seattle Channel (http://www.seattlechannel.org/AnEveningWith/episodes?videoid=x62049).

(20 March 2016)

Preview my books on Wattpad!

A reminder that you can check out my previous books on Wattpad. Sure, you won’t get all the nifty formatting or (where applicable) images, but you will be able to read my work before deciding whether or not to spend good money on the actual books.

(updated 30 November 2015)